Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My Voice

                                   My Voice
Give thou ear to me all
And listen to that which fall
From the air to the ground
From the poor to the grand

It is not a song
But I ring it with a gong
My son hear my voice
My daughter hear my voice
For things have changed
Things are not the same
The world have changed
And men are no longer ashamed

To do that which is wrong
Destroy that which gives peace
Live in misery
Drown that which gives light
In the depth of the night

They deny themselves pleasure
Their blessings they do not measure.
Share with them thy blessings
Show the poor thy mercies

Share your light
To them in the dark
To those in misery
Take them out of their misery
Give a helping hand
To them that can never repay

Give thou ear to me all
This is all i have to say
My son hear my voice
My daughter hear my voice

Wednesday, 3 May 2017



      I happened to be at Cihcotel Classique Hotel Awka, Anambra State for the National Youth Oratory Battle on Monday, 1st of May 2017. I didn’t know who the organizers or the sponsors were neither did I know what the gathering was all about but there were key figures there.
       What I noticed when the Oratory battle or should I call it debate started was that all the Orators where talking about Nigeria been an entrepreneur hub or not. All the orators were good, some were rigid with their points, and others were not so sure where they stood on the matter.
       At first I wasn’t really interested with all their talks until one of the orators amazed me and kept me transfixed. I paid rapt attention till the last orator talked and some of the Professors in our universities gave their views on the same topic.
       One of the professors said something that got my attention; she said that Nigeria has what it takes for everybody to be a successful entrepreneur. That is true. She also went ahead to blame the youths for their lazy attitude towards entrepreneurship in their very society. She heaped the blame on the youths and talked about our “runs” girls, she said that during their time, prostitution was for a purpose, those that did it in their time did it because they had no way out but today our girls do it just to have the most expensive phones, nice and flashy dresses, and to slay on social networks.
       Now am not saying she is right or wrong. My view on this issue is that she is forgetting something vital. She is forgetting the fact that most of our youths are not entrepreneurs and cannot tell their right from left courtesy of our Lecturers and Professors. It is all their fault and the fault of the ones before them.
        They teach youths the theory of it all, they don’t teach them the practical, and they don’t teach them how to make money. They are not taught on how to fend for themselves. All our youths do is; worry about exams that they would probably forget about all they studied before the next semester, carry-overs, extorting money from their parents for those that have rich parents, betting on bet9ja, merrybet and the likes. Lecturers make them suffer, yes suffer. They make them go through thick and thin, through all the stress just for a certificate. After that what next? You see our youths don’t just know what to do after that but some do. When they don’t get a job after getting that certificate, the years after that is heavens knows what.
         They have made our youths people who are always waiting for someone to help them or tell them what to do because that’s all our professors do, tell them what to do.       
          Inside that very hall for the oratory battle, students, our youths were very hungry, they couldn’t even afford to buy victuals for themselves, or should I say they didn’t want to, they were still waiting for biscuits and caprisonnes from the organisers, unfortunately for them, there was no caprisonne. I could bet that 70% of them were so hungry, it was inscribed on their foreheads with invisible marks. Who will spend their monies on people like these?
         People talk about how Nigeria, now it’s not just Nigeria but the world squander money on things that are irrelevant take for an example the most controversial television show; Big brother Nigeria, Big Brother Africa, MTN Project Fame, and the rest of them that have nothing to do with “education” education is in quote because they believe that anything educative must be shown on television by people like professors. People are always talking about them, talking about how useless it is for them to spend such huge amount of money on these things instead of spending it on the youths or on the educational sectors. Clap for yourself, they won’t not today not tomorrow or the day after it. 
        A real business tycoon cannot spend money on the youths or educational sector knowing fully well that the youths have no need for it. They will always look out for those who have something of worth to offer to the society, who know where they are heading to and what they want. They always invest in entrepreneurs who start up no matter how hard it is.
        The debate was all about if Nigeria was an entrepreneur hub or not but I didn’t see any entrepreneur speaking on it. Most Youths blame Nigeria for their flaws but the truth remains the same no matter how long they point their fingers on Nigeria and speak against her, blaming her for their shortcomings, Nigeria will still be the giant of Africa. The whole world will still know it as an entrepreneur hub of West Africa. Our blames won’t change a thing about it.
       No matter what, there are a lot of youths that are making it as entrepreneurs in their different fields. They are all there, they are fighting, working hard and having sleepless night just so that they won’t have to wait on Nigeria to hire them but to take on Nigeria.

Sunday, 30 April 2017


     I don’t believe that any girl is classless. Every girl is classy in their own little way. Like the cartoons I always see, especially Barbie, she often says that every girl is a princess. Some girls see other girls as classless girls.
     Girls that call other girls classless are ignorant, large-mouthed and thin-brained. They are girls blinded with the fog of their own stupidity. They don’t know the true meaning of classy.
    Being classy is not the kind of expensive, too big and shiny weave you fix or the kind of material things you appraise yourself with like the expensive dresses, the shoes as high as mountains, the flashy cars of different men that drive you around, or the thick and heavy bridal make up.   Mind you, most of these fake ‘classy’ girls borrow weaves, shoes and clothes from their cool friends just to satisfy the huge mind-set they have, their ‘classy’ mindset.
      Being classy is not to be tough with an abrasive manner or being rough or hysterical or abysmal or loud or bone-headed. Being classy is not to growl menacingly like thunder.
    Classy is not supercilious. Classy is to be seen and not heard. Classy is not all about facial beauty or curves. It’s all about the content and size of your brain and heart. Classy is to be found Unafraid. Classy is to be absolutely certitude in your standards and to settle for nothing but the best. Classy is to accept yourself first, be contended, proud and highly self-esteemed about who you are. Classy is to be in no competition. Being classy is to be exquisitely graceful with a unique style and poise. Classy is to be different and to embrace your life and everything along with it. Being Classy is to be delicate and sensitive in the way you do your things. Being classy is to have an exuberant personality. Being classy is not an intransigent attitude to life and people. Being classy is to have a heart as clear as the azure sky. Being classy is not boisterous. When you keep thinking that you are classy and keep calling other girls classless knowing fully well that you are full of shit, filled with falseness and not close to classy, you will find yourself on the wrong side of history

My Voice

                                   My Voice Give thou ear to me all And listen to that which fall From the air to the ground Fr...