Monday, 17 April 2017



       She has been standing before that mirror for far too long. It’s been twenty-five minutes and she was still staring at the mirror behind the door. The mirror on the inner side of the door of her wardrobe. She held it with her right hand to prevent it from closing up on her and then, she allowed her left hand to run freely on her belly. It felt like she has done something unimaginable, something she was scared off, and something that revealed a part of her that she would have loved to be hidden for a long period of time. She still felt the pain but it wasn’t painful as it was before. She was relieved. Her mind was too occupied and she wondered if she had done something wrong. On second thoughts, she was happy it was with him. The only person she has grown to love within a short time, a very short period of time. Even with all the feeling, she still felt guilty of two things that shouldn’t be a concern to her. What was she guilty of?
        The first time they met, she was sitting by the bar, chatting with an old friend and his girlfriend. She wasn’t interested in their conversation, she just sipped her wine from the oblong wine glass. And she hummed Beyoncé’s broken-hearted girl because she didn’t know the lyrics the song. She wasn’t a broken-hearted girl but the lyrics really got across to her. She watched the television on the wall and smiled at her old friend as he talked to the girl who was so full of herself. Well it wasn’t her business she thought, she ignored her as she made funny and mocking compliments at her. She was still sitting at the bar, almost getting ready to go when he came in with a man and two ladies. She saw them sit down across the bar room. He stood up and walked up to her, her friend precisely. Her friend Baron introduced her and his girlfriend as his sisters. She was angry because she didn’t see the girl as a sister or anything close to that. She was foaming like a wounded lion. He smiled at her and asked her to order for more drinks on him. She already had enough and wasn’t going to take another bottle. She took my laptop bag, got down from the bar stool and was about to leave when he called her back. He asked for her cell phone number which she reluctantly gave. Baron made her to. To her he wasn’t the type of guy she was going to leave her phone number with but she still did it nonetheless. She went home, ignored his calls for a few days before accepting to see him. When she saw him he wasn’t what she expected. He wasn’t the man she saw the first day. Now what was she expecting to see?
        From that day, they saw more often, went out, had drinks and ate lots of meat together. She was happy with him but what she knew was that she didn’t trust him. She was scared of him, scared that he was playing her heart like a chess game. She was scared that she meant nothing to him, she was scared that once he enters into her heart, he would break out so she guarded that cell heavily with everything she had. He promised her lots of things but his words she didn’t believe, she didn’t trust him. The first time he wanted to make out with her, she refused not because she didn’t want to but because she was scared that he would go walk away from her, never look back and never speak to her again. But that didn’t happen. It was something else beyond her imagination that happened.
     ………… be continued………..

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