Thursday, 20 April 2017



           My Easter Palaver.
           On Saturday I was on my way home from a job I went for. I finished late at night only to realize that there was no bus to take me home. I had a reflex led stage light I had been asked to carry home by my boss. I grew tired of carrying the light with my palms, the weight was something else. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I kept it on a table there and still waited a ride home. I know the table belonged to a woman that vended bread at the junction.
            I stared at the empty road with two persons that waited for buses as me. Two mad men walked past behind me. They were quarreling, one told the other one that he was a devil and loved wearing iron. The road was dead with silence only the voice of the mad man was heard. One raked while the other one kept mute and lingered around him. The next thing I heard was a loud bang. One of the mad men had carried the light and thrown it into a wide deep gutter. I screamed and he ran away. It had rained heavily that evening and it was still drizzling.
          I screamed out of fright thinking the light had fallen into dirty water. One of the guys that waited for a bus there jumped into the gutter and grabbed the light back. I got a little free when I noticed that the gutter was not water-logged. I prayed in my heart with hopes that the light would still be functional again, nothing broken or spoilt inside. I stood at Unizik junction for nearly two hours before one door-less shuttle finally popped out. I asked why there was no buses and shuttles, the driver said; “don’t you know that students have all gone home and people also traveled for the Easter holiday.
         I was marveled at the rate at which students dispersed and everywhere became empty almost like a ghost town despite the fact that GLO mega jam was in town. I held the light closely without dropping it anywhere else. The weight didn’t matter in fact I didn’t feel the heaviness any longer. That was minutes before the door-less shuttle appeared. We all hopped in.
       When I got home, the first thing I did was to test the light. It was working but there was no light reflexes from it. I opened up the light only to find out that the bulbs had broken. Where am I going to find new bulbs?


  1. Lol.. so u made me stay on this waiting to get to d end. What an experience though..Smiles


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