Saturday, 15 April 2017


Second illustration.
          My mother happened to be a good and talented fashion designer, she made use of all sorts of machines, electrical and manual. She would spend a lot of time on the manual butterfly machine, stepping on the pedal, turning the needle bar and trying to get a new thread into the eye of the needle. She would try but to no avail, she would want to make the thread go into the eye of the needle all on her own knowing well it was hard for her. Then, one day, I stood by the side and watched her try to put a new thread through the needle. I noticed that she could not see the eye of the needle clearly because of her sight. I took the thread from her and within five seconds I pushed the thread through the eye of the needle. She was happy. I did in five seconds what takes her minutes to do. If I didn’t notice that, she would have continued to take more time trying to do that alone without telling someone. And since then she don’t hesitate to ask for help each time she wasn’t working with her medicated eyes glasses.
    What am trying to say with this little illustration is that sometimes a little help is all that we need. We can’t always try to do it all alone. If she had continued to do that alone, she wouldn’t have known that she could actually achieve what she wanted in a very short time with someone’s help. Especially as writers, we need each other to grow our business and generate income from our craft, which is our creativity. 
   What will take us time to build and do alone will take less time and energy when we work together and help each other.
It’s okay to ask for help/partnership, it makes things a lot better. That was why God blessed us with different talent. What would take you years to do might take someone else months or even weeks. 

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